Portraits of Family Home For The Holiday – We’re Open Dec 26, 27 & 28, 2014


A Gift from us…..to you
during this 2014 Holiday Season!

Our gift is not only 50% discount on wall portraits, but more importantly, an opportunity to preserve your precious family memories for a lifetime in pictures.
(You’ll be a hero later)
You know we all put it off only to look back and wish that we could recapture that moment in time years ago when the family was much younger. Except for weddings and funerals, it’s hard to get family together but at Christmas, they’re all back finally together again!
Make it your year to stop this cycle and capture that memory of the Grandparents with the kids and you in our state of the art, comfortably warm studio and at 50% off
(You don’t need to let them know how much you saved)
No kids distracted by the playground, no wet park benches, no chilled grandparents cutting the session short from the discomfort of visiting a local park with an amateur photographer who is armed with a flash on his camera and later regrets, it just didn’t turn out.

Instead, take advantage of a Certified Professional Photographer’s skills in a nice cozy warm studio where everybody gets in the image, with beautiful light and beautiful portraits. Call 714-612-0994 for your appointment.

Hurry up, our appointments fill up fast and your grandparents, brothers & sisters won’t be in town long during the holidays.

Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Gold and ULV Grads, you too can schedule an appointment during this time.