Eagle Scouts – An Eagle Scout’s Journey to Space

Eagle Scout Portraits

Pictures of America’s Future Leaders

When we create portraits of Eagle Scouts, we understand the importance of creating these pictures of ‘America’s Future Leaders.’

‘Space-Where Eagles Soar’

From the US Scouting Service Project. “Of the 312 pilots and scientists selected as astronauts since 1959, at least 207 have been identified as having been Scouts or active in Scouting.  The list includes 39 Eagle Scouts, 25 Life Scouts, 14 Star Scouts, 26 First Class Scouts, 17 Second Class Scouts, 13 Tenderfoot Scouts, 3 Explorers, 25 Cub Scouts, 10 Webelos Scouts, 1 King’s Scout, 2 Wolf Scouts, and 32 with unknown ranks, including 27 who were Girl Scouts.

“10 of the 12 men who physically walked on the moon’s surface,” were Scouts.

Of the 24 men to travel to the moon on the Apollo 9 through Apollo 17 missions , 21 were Scouts, including 10 of the 12 men who physically walked on the moon’s surface, and all three members of the crew of Apollo 13. Three traveled to the Moon twice.

All three of the astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 fire, four of the seven who died in the Challenger launch explosion, and five of the seven who died in the Columbia re-entry explosion were Scouts.”

It’s no surprise to us. After finishing a day of Eagle Scout portraits, we certainly feel we’ve met some of these young men, ‘America’s Future Leaders.’