How Are We Doing – A Customer Critique of ‘My Big Brother Is Superman’

A Grandmother Shares Her Thoughts On Our Professional Photography

And The Portrait ‘My Big Brother Is Superman’

It’s a magical moment, creating a portrait of consequence. If upon viewing an image we enable a viewer to  savor a moment of joy and celebration, or reflect on a love in their life, we as photographers achieved our goal.

“I just wanted to thank you for the portrait (and the video) you made for our grandson Jason with our granddaughter and grandson. I wanted to say thank you so very much because the portrait really touched our hearts. God bless you.” -Connie S.

When setting up this portrait ‘My Big Brother Is Superman’ of an Eagle Scout, a military man with his Girl Scout sister and Cub Scout brother, and checking out the setup from behind the camera, I knew it was an image of consequence. I knew this picture would bring a tear of joy to a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father.

Superman’s grandmother called to share these thoughts, making it the highlight of the day and affirming the reasons we create portraits.

‘My Big Brother Is Superman’ And I Have A Picture To Prove It