My Brother is Superman – I Have a Picture to Prove it

Eagle Scout Portraits and America’s Future Leaders

I Have a Picture to Prove My Brother is Superman

While creating senior pictures, college graduate and Eagle Scout portraits it’s easy to realize these are portraits of ‘America’s Future Leaders.’ But I never knew I’d create a portrait of Superman.

This Superman came into the studio for a portrait over the holidays. This one particular Superman wanted a portrait with his Cub Scout brother and Girl Scout sister.  He is an Eagle Scout, an army private and a Scouter volunteer in the Colorado town where he is stationed. He believes in Boy Scouts and all it brings to our youth, boys and girls.

And as I looked at the two siblings and this tall lanky Army trooper, I thought, what do they think of him? How do they see him in his new slimmed body, his new uniform, his new life?

Then I realized they probably look up to him as if he is Superman.

There’s a saying in photography, when your jaw drops, push the button. So, when my jaw dropped with that thought, I set him up as a towering Superman, minus the Cape, and asked his siblings to grab hold of him. And the picture came together like this.

I love this job!