Portraits of Consequence – A Mother Responds to her Son’s Picture

A Picture’s Impact, A Photo’s Power

Professional Portraits of Consequence

After creating portraits in our professional studio, the moment of truth arrives when it comes time to edit photos. We call it, “Live Editing.”

Sitting down with a customer and reviewing images, discarding some, keeping others is sometimes hard on the photographer’s ego, and sometimes great for the photographer’s ego. Great moments occur when a mother becomes emotional while reviewing portraits. Because as we always say, “When momma cries, you know you’ve done your job.”

“I love that portrait. It’s the best picture of you ever!” – Connie S.

One of those moments occurred recently after an Eagle Scout portrait session. When the first image popped up on the screen, mom looked at it and started crying. As she gained her composure she said, “I love that portrait. It’s the best picture of you ever!” Sometimes you need to be reminded of a mother’s love. Moments like this rekindle our understanding of that love.

These are the days we live for, creating consequential portraits, memorable pictures that will be meaningful for years to come. After all, a picture is of somebody, a professional portrait is about somebody, whether they’re for Eagle Scouts or high school senior pictures.