Portraiture : Spot Light – Hard Light – Soft Light Pictures

Light exposes the media allowing us to see black, shadow. And while many people want brighter, not darker portraits. Drama tells a story, darkness brings that drama to light.

In this imagery exploring light and shadow you’ll see the drama of personality, the telling of the story. And that’s our goal, tell the personal story within you, to bring out the beauty within to create a memories of consequence.

‘While light is a tool used to create form, the dark is necessary to compliment the light.’

These new ways of thinking about shades of gray & light are available to you along with our multiple image capture (compositing) artwork providing you multiple choices, multiple vehicles documenting your rites-of-passage, your need for professional portraiture documenting your life. Because a phone snapshot picture is of somebody, a portrait is about somebody.

Spot Light – Hard Light – Soft Light: Exploring Drama