Loyola Law School – Los Angeles

Why Professional JD Portrait Portraits?

Because Commencement Selfies are Fine for Social Media…

….But Your Family Wants a Real Portrait for Their Home!

We create, you ‘Live Edit’ your professional portraits. That’s right, you edit your purchased images on site. These formal portraits tell the story of your hard work and achievements at Loyola Law School.

Commencement Portraits of Consequence

Celebrate your hard work with a portrait your family, friends, and especially your children, will cherish for years to come. A formal portrait is the perfect way to celebrate this right of passage few people experience more than once in life. Images are gently retouched and we’ll offer wall display portraits.

2020 Sessions on Loyola Law School Campus:
Dates are not set but will likely be March 31-April 1-2 and will be finalized soon.

Regalia will be available for your GradPortrait on campus by making your appointment online.

 Make a campus appointment online

Studio Portrait Samples

Make your on-campus appointment reservation online to reserve your most convenient time. We’ll be in the Founders Hall Lobby. Gowns & regalia will be supplied on-site.

Please make one appointment only. Duplicate or redundant appointments will be canceled to make room for your fellow graduates.

We look forward to seeing you and creating your portrait of consequence.

Please be sure to bring a comb/brush for your hair and a shirt/blouse to match your robe/tam. Ladies, as a general rule, wear more make-up than less. Pricing sheets will be available in the Student Services office.

Follow this link to our PDF file:

 14 Techniques For Looking Great in your Portraits


Yes, we’re pretty full, but there will be cancellations, so feel free to choose a time in our online appointment system and place your name on the ‘wait list.’ Tell us how flexible you are with timing as we never know what time a cancellation will occur.