Scripps College Commencement Coverage by GradPortraits

2018 Scripps College Commencement Coverage

Please Carefully Read This Important Information

After commencement you may view our photographic stage imagery of your Scripps graduate at commencement, available for your purchase. You’ll find images of your graduate immediately after receiving her diploma.

To protect your graduate’s image we have a robust security system requiring a paper trail for any and all individuals entering the archive. This system gives us the name, address, phone number and matching credit card number of anybody entering the archive in case nefarious behavior becomes a problem. Digital images are wonderful things, but in the hands of the bad characters they can be manipulated and used inappropriately. Access to these images expired on July 14.

“I also appreciate the security you have provided. Honestly, who knows which one of these young ladies will be the next Senator, or astronaut? And who wants some gossip site dragging up her graduation portrait to put next to her current picture if she looks a little tired that day? Thank you for ensuring that won’t happen to any of them. We all know how easy it is to make someone look bad in a picture.” -Marty B.

This is why we take a $10 transaction on your credit card for access to our archives. With this you will receive a $20 credit towards your purchase. This credit comes in the form of a alphanumeric code sent to you. You must enter this code (we suggest cut & paste) to receive your discount. If you do not enter the code, you will not receive your discount.

Some Important Points to Consider:

1-These images were captured in horizontal format, because this format shows the staging and pageantry of the stage setting, the exciting moment your graduate walked off the stage as a Scripps Alumni.
2-You may choose to crop your image into a vertical, cutting out the background in the process of purchasing your images. This function is online. Important-When you see the ‘Ordering Instructions’ button, click on the picture and you’ll see this tool bar over the image.

A-Turn your image sideways with the arrows to fit the image space.
B-Enlarge or shrink the image with the magnifying glasses.
C-Hit OK when you like your crop.
Screen shot 2018-05-13 at 2.29.56 PM
3-We did not want to make the decision for you, and therefore leave it to you. If you are purchasing a High Resolution JPG Digital File this is perfect for you. We like the images in horizontal with environment, and like them cropped. But they are your images upon purchase, please take a moment to consider which format you choose.

Collections start at $55 (after $20 discount+shipping, tax & ship time.) We hope you enjoy our coverage. We trust you will enjoy your purchase, exhibiting images in your home to show your pride, and for the enjoyment of all, sharing them with the next generation.