Special Needs Children Pictures

Why Professional Photography of Your Special Child?

Because Phone Snapshot Pictures are Fine for Twets & Facebook…

….But Your Family Wants a Real Portrait for their Home!

Beautiful photography capturing a special child’s personality, their soul and their spirit in a portrait, positively impacts their self-worth and sense of acceptance. This is true for any child, not just the special child.

‘SKPA accredits portrait photographers work with special needs children – William Hodge is one of only 57 accredited in the US.

Multiple Sclerosis

Moments With Clara

Goal number one for your child’s portraits: Show your child experiencing life, capturing more than a smile, to reach the spirit of the child inside. Our second goal is to create a photograph that artistically and creatively depicts the natural features of your special child both positively and attractively. Pictures like this can provide a tremendous boost to your child’s self-esteem.SKPA Web logo

The Promise of a Portrait:Keep me…Protect me…Share me….and I will live forever….because nobody ever leaves this world until their last portrait disintegrates into dust.

Any portrait of a special child that creates a positive image of ‘self’ is of great
value for you, your child, and brothers and sisters. This is specially true during formative years when their sense of self-esteem is developing.

This is why William Hodge sought out training, and understanding of the special child portrait. He’s been accredited by the Special Kids Photography of America association, having taken classes, passed extensive tests, submitted a portfolio and testimonials on his gift to provide you with a portrait of consequence, of beauty.

“I fell in love with that portrait because I hadn’t seen him smile like that since he was four years old.” Sue P.

He aims to produce beautiful portraits showing your child’s growth and change over the years because, beautiful photographs, will provide your family with visual keepsakes of an immeasurable gift you have been given: a very Special Child.