Spot Light – Hard Light – Soft Light

A week at West Coast school is always cathartic and this 2015 version was no different. Thanks to my fellow explorers of light-my classmates, for taking the journey with me and Tim & Dea Meyer for leading that journey into a shadow and light filled vortex of change. The images you’ll see in the video were portraits where I have collaborative contribution. I photographed some of your lighting & models but have not presented those images here.

The video below is presented to you in hopes that you will share your images from the week. I would like to see what you created, how you saw the light.

These new ways of thinking about shades of gray & light will roundout my studio single image capture and multiple image capture (compositing) work providing my customers multiple choices, multiple vehicles documenting their rites-of-passage, their need for professional portraiture documenting their life.

Spot Light – Hard Light – Soft Light: A Week Exploring Light