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  • Portraits of San Diego Imperial Council Eagle Scouts Pictures of 'America's Future Leaders' We recently started creating portraits of San Diego Imperial Council's Eagle Scouts for their Eagle Honor Wall. Their pictures are exhibited in the council's service center (located in Balboa Park.) We'll be there five or six times yearly to create these portraits. Congratulations to all these Eagle Scouts, 'America's Future Leaders.'
  • A Gift from us.....to you during this 2014 Holiday Season! Our gift is not only 50% discount on wall portraits, but more importantly, an opportunity to preserve your precious family memories for a lifetime in pictures. (You'll be a hero later) You know we all put it off only to look back and wish that we could recapture that moment in time years ago when the family was much younger. Except for weddings and funerals, it's hard to get family together but at Christmas, they're all back finally ... [read more]
  • Would you like a solution to your holiday greeting card dilemma - you know the problem of getting everybody smiling in the same photograph? We have the solution for you with our Family Squares Holiday Card Portraits. We create the portraits you struggle to make with your point and shoot camera, because with camera timers and tripods you can never get the picture you want, with everybody smiling and looking happy in the same image. So put us to work for a fun and creative holiday portrait t... [read more]
  • Will the photographic print become extinct in my life? Based upon current consumer behavior, the answer is yes! However, the universal truth of consumer behavior is that it is dynamic, not static. Consumer decisions may head one direction one year, and then change directions the following year. Time will tell if an archive of photographic hard prints will last longer than an archive of digital images. The role of a printer - whether that be a photographic printer or lithographic printer (t... [read more]
  • A portrait is about somebody, a picture is of somebody. Some may not see the difference  between a portrait and a picture, but a professional  photographer defines the difference.  As a member of Professional Photographers of America  (and California as well as Orange County) I live the difference every single day, every single portrait that I create. Watch this video on professionalism versus snapshots, portraits vs. pictures. Martial Artistry
  • A University of La Verne portrait customer visited the portrait studio, because, "My friend told me you worked miracles on her portrait." After creating her portrait, and delivering it, I saw her on campus and asked, "Did I live up to my reputation?" "Yes, you did! Everybody loves them, all my family loves them. The Marquis portrait is a beautiful print." Francine V.
  • A  Loyola Law School Juris Doctorate candidate had this to say about our portraits of her, "My parents absolutely love the portrait (11x14) and they want to order more portraits." Jo A.    
  •                     Congratulations to the Juris Doctorate candidates of Loyola Law School graduating this spring. These L3 students commissioned us to create their portraits celebrating three years of hard work and the beginning of their role as 'America's Future Leaders.'  Our role in life is to create portraits of these soon-to-be community, state, business and national leaders of America. And of course, the f... [read more]
  • Some time has passed since I researched and wrote about the coming new wave in photography, the dominance of cell phone cameras, specifically the new generation of SmartPhones. (SmartPhones Morphing into The New Point & Shoot Camera for Consumers, August 3, 2011, published on this site, and published in Professional Photographers of California's September magazine.) As an exclamation mark to my article, I heard Paul Simon's song, 'Kodachrome' the other day and began to think about how art... [read more]