Eagle Scouts

Why Professional Eagle Scout Portrait Photography?

Because Selfies of Scouting are Great for Instagram & Facebook…

….But Your Family Wants a Real Portrait for the House!

There are two ways for us to create your portrait for council’s Eagle Achievement Honor Wall. One method is via our All Eagle Days scheduled through the year (depending on your council.) The second way is to visit the studio for a full portrait session the day before our All Eagle Days, with art, creativity and tender loving care as part of your portrait session. Either of these two sessions will enable us to exhibit your portrait on your council wall.

Why Invest More Money In Eagle Scout Portraits Than Senior Portraits?

Because when you are 30 or 40 years old your Eagle Scout portrait will be the brand you’ll want on your resume, your life.

Will you want to say you graduated from high school or would you rather show you are an Eagle Scout?

We think the answer is obvious. Eagle Scout!

Call us to schedule an appointment in the studio or follow the links below, use our online scheduler to reserve an appointment at our All Eagle days.

You are the 4%, future Business Leaders, CEOs, Community Leaders, Mayors, Congressmen and Governors who have achieved their Eagle Scout, Silver or Quartermaster Rank and it’s time for your formal portrait.

‘After the incredible photo session you did for our oldest son in 2012, we are extremely happy to be requesting another photo session for our youngest Eagle Scout son!’ -Sharon S.

Your parents are proud of you, and so is your council. Take this chance to create a formal portrait that puts an exclamation mark on your achievement. And, your parents will have a memory to cherish and celebrate your accomplishment few Scouts achieve. Your picture will be on exhibit in the council’s office, your parent’s home & office. And, two decades or so down the road, your son will look upon this photo and decide to follow your path.

Full Session Studio Portrait Samples vs. All Eagle Day Samples

We create and you ‘Live Edit’ your portraits on-site so your official Eagle portrait may be displayed in the council office, your home, your Court of Honor. Your $55 portrait session fee is waived since you are an Eagle Scout. When you purchase portraits you’ll have gift prints for relatives, your Court of Honor display or home.

Need your portrait before these dates? Call to reserve your full appointment on our Portrait Friday or during the week!

Excited about your son’s inclusion in the 2016 Eagle Scout directory? The 2013 directory was 850 pages of Eagle Scouts throughout the country. Your son can be in this directory also and we’ll help. We’ll have options for purchasing a digital file at either a studio or All Eagle’s Day portrait session and we’ll provide you with a perfectly formatted file to submit to NESA.’

We’ll offer options for purchase that are printed during your session or you may opt for retouched prints delivered later. To see our ’12 Points of the Eagle Scout Portrait Law’ information sheet with hints and info about looking good in your portrait, follow the PDF link. If you need to schedule an appointment on our All Eagles Date for your council, follow the links at left to schedule your appointment online. If you wish to take advantage of our studio with a full portrait session, call 714-612-0994 to schedule an appointment. Debit, Visa or Mastercard accepted. Discounted prices are in effect on All Eagle days times only, where we create the classic head and shoulders portrait. If you want your portrait only for the Eagle Honor Wall, please wait until our regularly scheduled All Eagles dates. If you are looking for something other than the classic look, we invite you schedule a regular appointment in the studio.
 12 Points of the Eagle Scout Portrait Law

Orange County Council
Quick All Eagles date for 2018

March 3 are available online now, follow the link below or call 714-612-0994 to schedule a Portrait Friday in studio March 2.

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San Diego Imperial Council
Quick All Eagles date for 2018
March 10 are available online now, follow the link below or call 714-612-0994 to schedule a Portrait Friday in studio March 9.

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California Inland Empire Council

Quick All Eagles date for 2018 will be announced in January or call 714-612-0994 to schedule a Portrait Friday in our studio before Christmas.

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